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Southern Legion Announces Rebrand to The Siege Supporters Club

Miami, FL. Feb. 2nd, 2019. For Immediate Release – Southern Legion, a supporters’ club for Inter Miami C.F., announced it is rebranding to The Siege Supporters Club today. The rebrand heralds a new era for Inter Miami C.F.’s original supporters’ club, aligning it closer to South Florida and the official MLS franchise.

When Southern Legion was founded in 2007, it was a supporters’ club without a team. The dream was to bring an MLS team back to Miami. A year ago, that dream finally became a reality. The team entered the market with a name, crest, and colors that fuses elegantly with Miami. As Inter Miami C.F. ushers in a new chapter in South Florida sports, our supporters’ club begins a new chapter as well. In accordance with the team’s identity, the club’s officers held a democratic vote on a rebrand which, upon passing, was sanctioned by the team.

Gabriel Miguel, Director of Marketing & Social Media at The Siege, said, “The name, The Siege Supporters Club, has a number of meanings. Primarily, the collective noun for a group of Herons is called a siege. As the Heron is an iconic element in Inter Miami’s crest and identity, we wanted the supporters’ club to pay tribute to the Heron. What better way than being named after a group of Herons which symbolize power, protection and patience.”

“A ‘siege’ is also a term used in war and pertains to a military blockade of a city with an intent of conquering by attrition or a well-prepared assault,” adds Miguel. “Our plan is to ‘Siege’ the MLS supporters’ club and become the number one supporters’ club in the United States. Using a military term also pays tribute to the previous name which the club was founded on: The Southern Legion.”

Eric Corey, Vice President of Operations for The Siege and founder of the American Outlaws Miami Chapter, says, “While a group of Herons is called a siege, the decision to have exactly three Herons in our logo has its significance on multiple levels. Each Heron represents a county in South Florida’s tri-county area. The team is based in Miami, but we share it with our brothers and sisters in Broward and Palm Beach County. We strive to be the most inclusive supporters’ club in MLS, and we cannot accomplish that without our neighbors. This will be a global team, but it begins in our own backyard. The three Herons also represent the past, present, and future of our supporters’ club. We were here before the team, we are here now for the team, and we will always be here for the team.”

About The Siege

The Siege Supporters Club is Inter Miami C.F.’s original supporter’s club. The Siege was founded by all pillars of the soccer community: coaches, players and, most importantly, the fans. From the supporters’ section, The Siege will lead in singing, clapping, and cheering for our team. The Siege will organize trips for away games and tournaments, waving the Inter Miami flag wherever it goes.

Like its hometown of Miami, The Siege itself is a cultural melting pot. Our fandom has no borders. The Siege incorporates a diverse, global culture. Just as Miami has opened its arms to millions from around the world, so too has The Siege. When The Siege is not singing and waving flags, it will be a community leader, organizing charity and outreach events. To join The Siege Supporters Club, please visit


The Siege Supporters Club Gabriel Miguel, Director of Marketing & Social Media

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